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CMC uses in Textile and Dyeing industry

CMC uses in Textile and Dyeing industry

Textile and dyeing grade CMC CAS NO. 9004-32-4 is used as a substitute for starch in the textile, it can increase the plasticity of the fabric, reduce the phenomenon of “jumping yarn” and “broken head” on the high-speed machine, and no pollution

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is widely used in printing and dyeing, so that the printing paste has the stability of viscosity, the uniformity of substitution degree distribution, so that the color paste system has a good fluidity; As printing paste, can enhance the hydrophilic ability of dye, make dyeing uniform, reduce color difference. At the same time, the washing rate is higher after printing and dyeing.


Application of CMC in textile and dyeing industry

First, CMC used for warp sizing

1. CMC slurry is clear, transparent, uniform and has good stability. When stored in the slurry tank, it is less affected by climate and bacteria and can be used at any time according to production needs.

2. CMC slurry is viscous and film forming, which can form a smooth, wear-resistant and flexible film on the warp surface, so that the yarn can bear the absolute strength, relative vitality and friction of the loom, providing favorable conditions for weaving finer high-grade fabrics and high speed and efficiency.

3, the yarn treated with CMC pulp is easy to dry, bright color, luster, soft feel, desizing is very convenient, neither consume desizing agent, nor consume fuel.

4. The yarn and fabric treated by CMC will not become yellow and moldy, which can greatly reduce or eliminate the area of pulp spots and greasy cloth, and prevent moth and rat bites.

5, CMC slurry preparation, mixing equipment is simple, convenient operation, workshop hygiene conditions improved accordingly.

The application of CMC in warp sizing is roughly as follows: firstly, CMC is made into 1 3% aqueous solution in the slurry tank equipped with stirrer, and then pumped into the storage tank of the sizing machine. After heating, CMC can be used. Sizing.


Second, CMC applied to printing paste

In the printing paste of artificial fiber fabric, CMC is both thickener and emulsifier, which can make the dye and high boiling flux and water evenly mixed. – Generally 1%CMC can be used to stabilize the dye suspension to prevent sedimentation and foam formation during storage.


Adding CMC to printing paste has many advantages:

Not only can improve the stability of color paste, but also can significantly improve the brightness of printing.

Good permeability. The permeability of CMC slurry is better than that of starch slurry. It is not only deeply colored, but also feels soft after dyeing.

CMC can form a protective film to improve the resistance to twists and turns.

Strong adhesion. Waxy fabric with insoluble coating can be formed by drying and polishing and heating at suitable stage.



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