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  • What is Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose HPMC?

    What is Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose HPMC?

    Industrial grade hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is distinguished by viscosity. Generally used are the following grades (in terms of viscosity). Low viscosity: 400 is mainly used for self-leveling mortar, but it is generally imported. Reason: low viscosity, although the water retention is poor, but...
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  • How to use Hydroxyethyl cellulose in latex paint?

    How to use Hydroxyethyl cellulose in latex paint?

    Hydroxyethyl cellulose is widely used in latex paint, emulsion paint &coatings, how to use Hydroxyethyl cellulose in latex paint? 1. Add directly to the abrasive pigment This method is the simplest and takes a short time. The detailed steps are as follows: (1) Add appropriate purified water t...
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  • Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose HPMC in Building Materials

    Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose HPMC in Building Materials

    Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose(HPMC)  is a nonionic cellulose ether prepared by a series of chemical processing using natural polymer material cellulose as a raw material. They are an odorless, odorless, non-toxic white powder that swells in cold water into a clear or slightly turbid colloidal sol...
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  • Effect of cellulose ether on tile adhesive

    Effect of cellulose ether on tile adhesive

    Cement-based tile adhesive is the largest application of the current special dry-mixed mortar. It is a kind of organic or inorganic admixture with cement as the main cementing material and supplemented with grading aggregate, water retention agent, early strength agent and latex powder. mixture. ...
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  • Cellulose Ethers from Kima Chemical Co.,Ltd

    Cellulose ethers are water-soluble polymers derived from cellulose,the most abundant polymer in nature. For more than 60 years,these versatile products have played an important role in a host of applications, from construction products, ceramics and paints to foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals....
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  • HPMC For Cement Based Render Plaster Mortar

    Cement based render(plaster/mortar) is the mixture of suitable sand, cement and water which is generally applied to masonry interiors and exterior to smooth wall surface.  HPMC plays a key role in cement based render(plaster/mortar) to achieve the excellent performance of water retention, open ti...
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  • HPMC For Self-Leveling

    Self-leveling mortar is a kind of polymer-modified cement that has high flow property, which is typically applied to interior big floor coverings, such as large shopping malls, supermarkets, industry workshop and etc.Kimacell cellulose ether plays an important role in self-leveling to achieve a s...
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  • HPMC For Tile Adhesive

    Normal Tile Adhesive: Normal Tile Adhesive applies to the floor tiles of ordinary mortar surface or the small pieces of wall tiles. Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) with high viscosity is suggested in tile adhesives with the dosage is about 0.2 to 0.3% in dry mortar. Recommended grades: HPMC...
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  • HPMC For Wall Putty, Skim Coat, Exterior Wall Putty

    Wall putty(Skim Coat) is a kind of decorative materials to make wall surface smooth, it can be used in exterior and interior wall decoration. Kimacell HPMC plays an essential role in wall putty(skim coat) to improve the key properties like water retention, open time, crack resistance, workability...
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