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Toothpaste grade CMC

Toothpaste grade CMC Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose used as a base glue used in toothpaste, mainly plays a role in shaping, bonding and can prevent the separation of grinding agent, consistency suitable for maintaining a stable paste state. CMC has high light transmittance and better rheological and thixotropic properties after dissolution.

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose CMC solution has a certain degree of pseudoplasticity and thixotropy. In general, product solutions with medium to high viscosity tend to exhibit thixotropy.

In the storage process, the apparent viscosity of carboxymethyl cellulose solution with obvious thixotropy will be significantly improved after storage for a period of time after the shear force stops. In toothpaste products, it is often necessary to improve the gel strength of the solution. When sufficient external force is applied to the gel, the interface viscosity decreases and the gel flows, such as when it is squeezed out of toothpaste.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for daily necessities are becoming higher and higher. As daily necessities, the use value of toothpaste is no longer just shown in the simple function of cleaning mouth, but gradually turns to functional and health care toothpaste. To this end, many new products have been developed: medicines, anti-acid, hemostasis and full-effect toothpastes. This puts forward a new requirement for the quality of CMC, one of the main ingredients in toothpaste production.

Typical properties

Appearance White to off-white powder
Particle size 95% pass 80 mesh
Degree of substitution 0.9-1.5
PH value 6.0~8.5
Purity (%) 99.5min

Popular grades

Application Typical grade Viscosity (Brookfield, LV, 2%Solu) Viscosity (Brookfield LV, mPa.s, 1%Solu) Degree of Substitution Purity
CMC For Toothpaste CMC TP1000   1000-2000 0.95min 99.5%min
CMC TP2000   2000-3000 0.95min 99.5%min


* Substituent distribution is uniform and suitable, salt resistance, acid resistance, enzyme resistance, hydrophilic strong;

* Water soluble and water retention ability, so that the paste does not divide oil, water;

* Excellent moisture retention and strip forming;

* Suitable viscosity and thixotropy, good shear thinning performance, easy to disperse and swell in the production of paste, easy to fill production;

* Strong protective colloid and emulsification ability;

* Help pigment and abrasive suspension;

* Helps toothpaste essence burst and suitable taste;

* The paste made of suitable fluidity, easy to transport, easy to extrude from the toothpaste tube;

* Paste good elasticity, good diffusion performance, reduce the phenomenon of trailing.


Characteristics of CMC for toothpaste:

1, with good rheology and thixotropy;

2, acid resistance: resistance to PH value 2-4 range;

3, salt resistance: it can be used in the paste with various inorganic salts, and will not degrade the viscosity of the paste over time;

4, heat resistance: with good and stable heat resistance effect;

5, high transparency: because of the high uniformity of replacement, less free fiber, high transparency of the paste;

Strong anti-microbial ability: Due to its good uniformity of substitution, the paste has strong anti-enzyme performance.


CMC Product is packed in three layer paper bag with inner polyethylene bag reinforced , net weight is 25kg per bag.

12MT/20’FCL (with Pallet)

14MT/20’FCL (without Pallet)



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