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Global and China Cellulose ethers market

2019-2025 Global and China cellulose ethers market status and future development trend

Cellulose ether is a kind of natural cellulose (refined cotton and wood pulp, etc.) as raw materials, after a series of etherification reaction generated a variety of derivatives, is the cellulose macromolecule hydroxyl hydrogen by ether group partially or completely replaced after the formation of products. In 2018, the market capacity of Cellulose ether in China is 510,000 tons, and is expected to reach 650,000 tons in 2025, with a compound annual growth of 3% from 2019 to 2025.

Cellulose ether market demand is stable, and continue to develop and apply in new fields, the future will show uniform growth form. China is the world’s largest cellulose ether production and consumer, but the concentration of domestic production is not high, the strength of enterprises differ greatly, product application differentiation is obvious, high-end product enterprises are expected to stand out. Cellulose ether can be divided into ionic, non-ionic and mixed three types, in which, ionic cellulose ether accounted for the largest part of total production, in 2018, ionic cellulose ether accounted for 58% of total production, followed by non-ionic 36%, mixed at least 5%.

On the end use of the product, can be divided into building materials industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, daily chemical industry, oil drilling, and other, which accounted for the largest is the building materials industry, in 2018, the building materials industry and 33% of total output, followed by oil and food industry, is located in the second and third places, respectively accounted for 18% and 18%. The pharmaceutical industry accounted for 3% in 2018, which has seen rapid growth in recent years and will show a trend of rapid growth in the future. For China’s strong, large-scale manufacturers, in quality control and cost control has a certain advantage, product quality stability is good, cost-effective, in the domestic and foreign markets have a certain competitiveness.

The products of these enterprises are mainly concentrated in the high-end building materials grade cellulose ether, pharmaceutical grade, food grade cellulose ether, or the market demand is large ordinary building materials grade cellulose ether. And those comprehensive strength is weak, small manufacturers, generally adopt low standards, low quality, low cost competition strategy, take the means of price competition, seize the market, the product is mainly positioned at the low-end market customers. While leading companies pay more attention to technology and product innovation, and are expected to rely on their product advantages to enter the domestic and foreign high-end product market, improve the market share and profitability. Demand for cellulose ether is expected to continue to increase for the remainder of the 2019-2025 forecast period. Cellulose ether industry will usher in a stable growth space.

According to survey results, the global cellulose ether market value reached 10.47 billion yuan in 2018, is expected to grow to 13.57 billion yuan in 2025, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 0.037.

This report studies the current situation and future development trend of cellulose ether in the global and Chinese market, and analyzes the main production regions, main consumption regions and main producers of cellulose ether from the perspective of production and consumption. Focus on the analysis of product characteristics, product specifications, prices, output, output value of products of different specifications of major manufacturers in the global and Chinese markets and the market share of major manufacturers in the global and Chinese markets.

According to product features, this report divides the products into the following categories, and mainly analyzes the price, sales volume, market share and growth trend of these products. Mainly include:



A hybrid

The report provides a detailed analysis of the main areas of application, the key customers (buyers) in each area, and the size, market share and growth rate of each area. Main application areas include:

Building materials industry

The pharmaceutical industry

The food industry

Daily chemical industry

Oil drilling

The report also analyzes production and consumption in foreign markets, including North America, Europe, India, Southeast Asia, Japan and China. Compare the current situation and future development trend of domestic and global market.

Main chapter contents:

The first chapter analyzes the characteristics, classification and application of cellulose ether industry, focusing on the comparison of the development status and development trend of China and the global market, and the current and future trends of supply and demand in China and the global market.

The second chapter analyzes the global market and the competitive situation of the major producers of cellulose ether in China, including the output (tons), output value (ten thousand yuan), market share and product price of each manufacturer in 2018 and 2019. At the same time, analysis of industry concentration, competition degree, as well as foreign advanced enterprises and Chinese local enterprises SWOT analysis.

The third chapter, from the perspective of production, analyzes the output of cellulose ether (tons), output value (ten thousand yuan), growth rate, market share and future development trend of the world’s major regions, mainly including North America, Europe, India, Southeast Asia, Japan and China.

The fourth chapter, from the perspective of consumption, analyzes the consumption (ton), market share and growth rate of cellulose ether in the world’s major regions, and analyzes the consumption potential of the world’s major markets.

The fifth chapter analyzes the main global cellulose ether manufacturers, including the basic profile of these manufacturers, production base distribution, sales area, competitors, market position, focusing on the analysis of these manufacturers of cellulose ether capacity (ton), output (ton), output value (ten thousand yuan), price, gross margin and market share.

The sixth chapter analyzes the output (ton), price, output value (ten thousand yuan), share of different types of cellulose ether and the development trend of future products or technologies. At the same time, the main product types in the global market, the product types in the Chinese market, and the price trend of different types of products are analyzed.

Chapter seven, this chapter focuses on the analysis of cellulose ether upstream and downstream market, upstream market analysis of cellulose ether main raw material supply status and main suppliers, downstream market analysis of the main application of cellulose ether, the consumption of each field (tons), future growth potential.

Chapter 8, this chapter analyzes the status and trend of import and export trade of cellulose ether in The Chinese market, focusing on the analysis of China’s cellulose ether output, import volume, export volume (ton) and apparent consumption relationship, as well as the favorable factors and unfavorable factors for the development of the domestic market in the future.

The ninth chapter focuses on the analysis of the regional distribution of cellulose ether in the domestic market, the concentration of the domestic market and competition.

Chapter 10 analyzes the main factors affecting supply and demand in The Chinese market, including the global and China’s overall external environment, technological development, import and export trade, and industrial policies.

Chapter 11 analyzes the development trend of the industry in the future, the development trend of product functions, technologies and characteristics, the future market consumption patterns, consumer preference changes, and the industry development environment changes, etc.

Chapter 12 analyzes the comparison of sales modes and sales channels between China and Europe, America and Japan, and discusses the development trend of sales modes and channels in the future.

Chapter 13 is the conclusion of this report, which mainly summarizes and analyzes the overall content, main viewpoints and views on the future development of this report.

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