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Do you know the difference between skim layer and wall putty?

Do you know the difference between skim layer and wall putty?

Both skim coats and wall putties can correct surface imperfections and imperfections. But, in simple terms, skim coats are for more obvious defects like honeycombing and corrugation on exposed concrete. It can also be used to give walls a smoother texture if the exposed concrete is rough or uneven. Wall putty is suitable for minor imperfections such as hairline cracks and minor unevenness on primed or painted walls.

Their applications are also different. Skim coats are applied over bare concrete, usually over large surfaces such as entire walls, to correct waviness. Wall putty is applied over an already primed or painted surface and is more commonly used on smaller areas, such as for spot correction of minor imperfections such as tiny cracks.

Got it, another difference between skim coat and wall putty is when you use them in the painting process – basically, if you’re using both for a project, the skim coat comes on first before the putty. Because skim coat is applied to bare concrete, it is used during surface preparation (or prior to the painting process). Proper surface preparation helps ensure walls are in top condition before painting.

Wall putty, on the other hand, is part of the paint system itself. When the new wall is painted and the primer has been applied, the next step is putty. It is used to check for any final surface imperfections. Then, a spot primer is applied, and finally the walls are ready for a top coat.

As an indispensable admixture, HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Ethyl Cellulose) is widely used in degreasing paint and wall putty. The primary functions of HPMC in topcoats and wall putties are thickening and water retention, providing balanced properties including open time, slip resistance, adhesion, good impact resistance and shear strength.

HPMC is popular in wall putty application, we also offer different grades for top coat application, etc. For finish paint and wall putty manufacturers, we are always looking forward to speaking with you more.


Post time: Jun-15-2023
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