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Cellulose ether industry competition

With the increasing demand for high-quality cellulose ether in medicine, food, daily chemicals and other industries, the domestic demand for other cellulose ether products other than CMC is growing, MC/HPMC capacity is about 120,000 tons, HEC’s capacity is about 20,000 tons. Cellulose ether market demand is stable, and continue to develop and apply in new fields, the future will show uniform growth form. The following analysis of cellulose ether industry competition.

China is the world’s largest cellulose ether production and consumer, but the concentration of domestic production is not high, the strength of enterprises differ greatly, product application differentiation is obvious, high-end product enterprises are expected to stand out. Cellulose ether industry analysis pointed out that in 2018 China cellulose ether market capacity of 510,000 tons, 2025 is expected to reach 650,000 tons, 2019 to 2025 compound annual growth of 3%.


Cellulose ether industry competition


Due to the lack of capital strength, many small enterprises in order to reduce production costs, environmental protection investment in water treatment and exhaust gas treatment is not up to standard. As the country and the whole society increasingly pay attention to environmental protection, those enterprises in the industry that cannot meet the requirements of environmental protection will gradually shut down or reduce production. The concentration of China’s cellulose ether manufacturing industry will be further improved. Now from two aspects to analyze the cellulose ether industry competition.


Pharmaceutical grade cellulose ether to HPMC  as an example, it is a kind of water insoluble cellulose mixed ether double ester, in glucose residue on the alcohol hydroxyl or hydroxypropyl hydroxyl is connected with methoxy, acetyl, butanediyl group three groups. Cellulose ether industry competition analysis, large cellulose ether manufacturers in developed countries mainly take “for large high-end customers + development of downstream use and usage” of the competitive strategy, give full play to their advantages of high level of research and development technology, develop the use and use of cellulose ether products formula. According to the different subdivision of the application of the configuration of a series of products, convenient for customers to use, to cultivate the downstream market demand, and lead the development of cellulose ether application technology.


The strength of cellulose ether production enterprises in China is uneven, the overall product application technology is weak, and the products of most enterprises are in homogenous competition. Cellulose ether industry competition analysis, for China’s stronger, larger manufacturers, in quality control and cost control has a certain advantage, product quality stability is better, cost-effective, in the domestic and foreign markets have a certain competitiveness. The products of these enterprises are mainly concentrated in the high-end building materials grade cellulose ether, pharmaceutical grade, food grade cellulose ether, or the market demand is large ordinary building materials grade cellulose ether. Due to the lack of application technology development ability, domestic enterprises with similar strength have the situation of product homogeneity competition.


Cellulose ether industry competition analysis, China’s cellulose ether enterprises have not caused attention, marketing is still blind, even several typical cellulose ether is common, the user also lack of technical account, the user in the process of using specific problems can not be solved in a timely manner, let alone guide customers, Hope more colleges and universities, research institutes to participate in the deeper research of cellulose ether, its world wide.

Post time: Jun-14-2022
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